#03 – Contrary Opinions – Catlike Reflexes Podcast


au contraire

Nerds rarely agree on anything, but when they do the noise is loud.

What is it like to be the one nerd who disagrees with the herd (to file the Minority Report, if you will)?  On today’s episode, the PodCats discuss what it means to swim upstream in the river of Geek consensus.

Host: Derek Howard
PodCats: Bryan Piitz, Brendan Main, Drew Parent and special guest Joe Beausoleil.


Episode 2 – On Recommendations and Anti-Recommendations – Catlike Reflexes Podcast


We all like to make recommendations, be it for movies, books, music or food.  Far fewer of us like to follow recommendations, as evidenced by the pile of unread books and still-shrink-wrapped DVDs piling up in our homes.

Anti-recommendations are whole other story.  On this week’s episode, we explore the nature of both and make some recommendations (and anti-recommendations) of our own.

Also, please feel free to recommend Catlike Reflexes to your friends and family.  :)


Episode 1 – Sidekicks – Catlike Reflexes Podcast


Welcome to the show.  Honestly, we are new to podcasting, and we’re figuring it out as we go along.  Any and all feedback would be appreciated.

In our first episode we discuss sidekicks, from Robin to Watson to….well, mostly Robin.
We also discuss The Penultimate Showdown, pitting sidekick against sidekick.