Nauseating Experiences – Catlike Reflexes #28

"Gabe won't release Half-Life 3 until I do!"

“Gabe won’t release Half-Life 3 until I do!”

Is it the spicy pizza?  The flu?  Why is it so hot in here?  At first you think it’s just your imagination, but then you slowly realize to your horror… It’s the game.

Many people find certain games and movies difficult to experience, be it because of shaky cameras, left-handedness, or their inability to reconcile the Uncanny Valley of Kevin Spacey’s face in CoD.

In this week’s episode, the PodCats discuss some of their own experiences with these phenomena, and offer a tip or two to the those in need.

PodCats: Nahanni Born, Derek Howard, Juanita Wootton-Radko
Host: Bryan Piitz

Music: king kong by Phon’éthique.