Death of Beloved Characters – Catlike Reflexes #24

"Dammit!  I've been calling her Dasha all this time!"

“Dammit! I’ve been calling her Dasha all this time!”

As writers develop characters, those characters can sometimes become very dear to devoted fans.  Sometimes those characters have to die, either for emotional weight or contract negotiations.

On today’s episode, the PodCats discuss some notable character deaths and some that effected them personally.

PodCats: Derek Howard, Brendan Main
Host: Bryan Piitz

Music: Between the Cradle and the Grave by Heifervescent.

Zombie Planning – Catlike Reflexes #19

"Yeah, they only played for, like, four hours!"

“Yeah, they only played for, like, four hours!”

Sure, zombies are fictional…for now. Just like any potential disaster, it’s important to have a plan.

In this episode, the PodCats discuss their zombie survival plans including people, weapons, locations and more.  Also spatulas.

Podcats: Nahanni Born, Derek Howard, Brendan Main.
Host: Bryan Piitz

Music: Blue Flame (feat. Stacks B) by Young Keys.

05 – Best Villain Deaths [Catlike Reflexes Podcast]


RaidersA great villain can turn an otherwise mediocre film into a great one.  The more you hate them the more you want to see them go out in a blaze of glory (sometimes literally).  On this week’s podcast, we talk about our favourite movie villain deaths.

Host: Bryan Piitz
PodCats: Nahanni Born, Derek Howard, Drew Parent, Michael Serafin.

Music: Tequilight by Chewbaska