Catching Up – Catlike Reflexes #39

Not pictured: Our new theme song.

Not pictured: Our new theme song.

We’re back!

After another short hiatus, the PodCats are back and they’re comin’ atchya!  In today’s episode, we talk about where we’ve been, what we’ve been up to, what games we’ve been playing and at one point Nahanni has a pizza delivered on the air.

And we got a new theme song!

Podcats:  Brendan, Bryan, Derek, Jay, Juanita, Nahanni.

#04 – What Are You Playing Right Now? – Catlike Reflexes Podcast

Jimmy Wood: NES Hipster

Jimmy Woods: NES Hipster

Sometimes on our podcast, we can get a little carried away with big, heavy issues.  Today we break it down to the basics:  What are you playing right now?

Host: Bryan Piitz
PodCats: Nahanni Born, Derek Howard, Drew Parent, Michael Serafin.

Music: Tequilight by Chewbaska