Marry, Date or Dump? – Catlike Reflexes #20

Or, "Annunciation, Mastication or Elimination?"

Or, “Annunciation, Mastication or Elimination?”

In this week’s episode (our twentieth!) we play a little game of  “Marry, Date or Dump?” The game presents you with three people, and the contestants have to rank them according to the three categories.

Example: Captain Picard, Captain Nemo, Cap’n Crunch.  “I would date Captain Picard because he’s sexy, date Captain Nemo because he can afford a submarine, and dump Cap’n Crunch because I’m lactose intolerant.”

Aaaaand, go!

PodCats: Podcats: Nahanni Born, Derek Howard.
Host: Bryan Piitz

Music: Nothing New by Devon Elizabeth.