Kid Stuff – Catlike Reflexes #35

"Honestly officer, I don't know how that peanut butter got there!"

“Honestly officer, I don’t know how that peanut butter got there!”

In this episode, Brendan and Bryan discuss the various movies and TV shows that their respective four year-old daughters watch.

PodCats: Brendan Main, Bryan Piitz.

Music: Possibilities by Jasmine Jordan.

Stream Machine – Catlike Reflexes #34

Now Available: Crackle on Betamax!

Now Available: Crackle on Betamax!

There was a time when obtaining a movie to watch was simple.  You went to a video rental store and spent 90 minutes picking out just the right VHS or DVD.  With today’s streaming services like Netfllix, Crackle and Amazon On Demand, the legwork has been done for us…or has it.

In this episode, the PodCats discuss the pros and cons of streaming video and offer some suggestions of their own.

PodCats: Brendan Main, Gillian Ross.
Host: Bryan Piitz

Music: High Voltage by Antarcticbreeze.